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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  March 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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two local soldiers become two local heroes. chasing down a car. a new study may stop you from picking up fallen food ever again. plus topper is tracking the rain. will it dry up for the morning commute? this is 9news now. >> the good samaritan praise for catching a hit-and-run driver are talking tonight about service and duty. >> perhaps not surprising because they're all soldiers. gary nurenberg with this story. >> reporter: a 29-year-old woman and 14 -year-old girl were not in a crosswalk when they were struck by this ford on route 198 in laurel friday night. >> the driver fled the area and was followed by witnesses. >> reporter: the driver stopped in the parking lot. >> was blocked in by the citizens when they reached in
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and removed the keys. >> reporter: those citizens are all privates and were a couple of cars in back of the hit-and-run driver. >> the officer hit the female speeding and that was really upsetting and at that point we wanted to make sure he didn't get away. >> reporter: a private was driving. >> i just continued following and tried to catch up with him. >> we were on the phone with the police while the others were close driving to this guy. the first thing if we weren't able to catch him to give the police enough information, the license plates and that stuff so they could do their job. >> reporter: but the hit-and-run driver stopped. >> that's when we all came up and started talking to him and stuff and then that's when i got in his car and took the keys off. >> he wouldn't look at any of us or anything. we were asking him if he knew that he had just hit two females and all he responded to was yes. >> it's citizen's duty, our duty to make sure people don't get away with this stuff and it doesn't happen anymore. >> reporter: both of the hit
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and run victims are hospitalized but are expected to survive their injuries. charges are pending against the driver in part because he did not have a driver's license and police are uncertain as to his identity. the term citizen soldier is an old one. aristotle talked about it in athens in 3,000 bc but tonight we have five new faces for that term. an update now on the delaware pediatrician accused of sexual abuse. the doctor expected to make his first court appearance on wednesday. the prosecutors have charged him with raping or sexually assaulting 103 of his patients. they found videos of the alleged abuse dating back to 1998. bradley had office nz lewis and mill -- offices in lewis and milford but had medical licenses in pennsylvania and florida. a 4-year-old died after
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driving an atv into a creek. he died sunday of his injuries. the little boy had been riding on his family's property. while the victim's age in this tragedy may be unusual, federal officials say the fact that he was killed driving an atv is not. >> uphill, downhill, through the mud. >> the consumer product safety commission became so concerned about the high number of atv crashes, it created these public service announcements. warning of the dangers. >> where a helmet, don't ride on paved roads and don't ride tandem. >> 8-900 people die every year. another 135,000 are injured. one quarter of those are under the age of 16. >> no 4-year-old should ever be on an atv. there are groups out there that promote competition for four years old. we feel that's a recipe for disaster. keep the kids under six off the atps. >> but in most states, it's not against the law to have children
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driving an atv or riding as a passenger. the laws vary about the minimum age where it's legal to drive an atv and whether a helmet is required. but this month alone, 11 people have been killed in atv accidents nationwide. in maryland, the law requires the driver to be at least 12 years old and accompanied by a parent or adult who has a valid driver's license. virginia requires that an atv driver be 16 years old and wear a helmet. dc has no laws related to atvs. but in the case of the 4-year-old who died in maryland, authorities say he wandered off from his family and took the atv out on his own. he was wearing a helmet. derek. new at 11:00, witnesses say michael jackson's doctor halted the cpr on the dying pop star. they say the doctor also delayed calling the paramedics so he could gather up the drug vials at the scene. allegations that he might have tried to hide evidence could be the focus for prosecutors who
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have charged him with involuntary manslaughter. a medical examiner said the death was caused by drugs. a woman accused of killing two daughters and stuffing them in the freezer has been sentence today life in prison with no possibility of parole. she remained silent but it was an emotional day for the 30-year veteran of the bench. the judge called her a murderer who sentenced two innocent children to a death chamber. she apologized for the abuse, not the murders, which the prosecutor says speaks volumes. >> i've not seen one eye yoe ta of emotion -- iota of emotion. i see nothing that shows me remorse or empathy for the children in this case. >> besides the two life terms, she received three sentences for abusing the girls.
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president obama will make good on the bill when he signs it tomorrow. the democratic bill will be short lived and the anti-health reform vote will propel them to victory in november 's midterm. but chris van holen beliefs the gop is in for rough sailing. >> if they want to run on repeal this bill, make my day. after the president signs the bill, everyone is going to realize the world is not coming to an end. >> people are mad. people are upset. and i think you're going to see it at the polls in november. >> lawmakers in at least 30 states, including virginia, call the bill an unconstitutional mandate forcing americans to get health insurance. meantime, though, an attorney general stance is drawing heat from the state democratic party which accuses them of wasting taxpayer money and ignoring the real issues. this time uncle sam is going too
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far. >> there has never been a point in american history where the federal government has been able to order individual citizens to buy any good or service. such a power to the federal government would represent an enormous erosion of liberty in this country. >> he goes on to say the insurance reform bill is unconstitutional and the federal government is overreaching its authority. taking a quick look now at news from across the nation, in indiana, a teen admitted to strangling a 14-year-old girl to death. he made the confession while walking into the courthouse today. police arrested the 17-year-old after they found the victim's body less than a mile away from her home. the teen says what happened was not intentional but no other details have been released. in new york, they agree driver error caused the crash of a toyota prius. there was no mechanical error in that car. the driver reported the vehicle
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sped up despite trying to brake but there were no signs the brakes had been applied. in california, thousands of students demonstrated against slashed budgets and raised fees at public universities on community colleges. organizers say unlike previous protests that blamed the administration, this rally welcomed their participation to call for better funding in that state. a police officer waiting at a stoplight becomes witness to a crime. and it's all caught on tape. and have you ever done this before? dropped a piece of food and picked it back up and eaten it. a look at why you might think twice when it comes to the good old five second room. plus our dreams could be the gate way of dealing with life. a look at how you might be able to benefit from this brand new therapy after the break. before you go into dream manned, let's take you into a couple of -- dream land, let's take you into a couple of things here. we have a chance of showers.
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temperatures miles. 46-54. a slight chance of a shower. winds out of the southwest at ten. we'll come back and take you through the rest of tuesday and when winds pick up and when we really finally dry out. [ crowd cheering ] male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪
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an update now to a deadly
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kidnapping date in maryland. a kidnapper accused of killing an 11-year-old girl has been set. police found the girl's body on christmas day in a rural delmar area. an autopsy showed the child died from multiple injuries. leggett is a registered sex offender and once dated her aunt. the trial is set to begin may 24th. the dc city council is taking michelle reid to task saying she has not been forthcoming about changes she's making at one dc school. she has changed the school's principal and its enrollment policy. >> people are willing to take a fast paced change. if they trust the change agent. >> changed at hardy middle school led to protests last week. today council members were also pressing her on why she had been hiring hundreds of new teachers
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after firing hundreds of veteran teachers during what she said was a budget crunch. well, it is a high priced perk or a necessity. critics of montgomery county ike leggett four person security team are stepping up their attack as employees cut jobs. >> the county executive is holding on to a perk which amounts to $360,000 a year. >> you cut my personal budget by 20%. i will go on leave. with everybody else, i'm going to furlough myself. i've given back my raise. i'll do it again this year. the security tee staff will go on -- security staff will go on furlough as well. my office has in effect probably mitigated costs more so than the rest of the county government. >> the body guards and the former council -- hundreds flooded the
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university of washington today. 55 employers were on hands for interviews. plul tie level march debt -- multi-level marketing companies set up shop. several people we spoke with today say trying to find a job in this troubled economy has been more than trying. >> i think everybody feels a little nervous. i'm finding certain jobs that want certain certifications. >> it's hard. >> very difficult. >> the university says it plans to hold a second job fair this summer. pothole paluza is rolling right along. vdot crews have filled more than 4500 potholes since the mayor launched the campaign back on march 5th. nearly 1,000 people participated, reporting road damage by phone, e-mail and text message. now, since the first of the year, vdot has filled more than 11,000 potholes.
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compare that to just 2900 during the first 78 days of last year. a team of psychologists at the university of maryland are pioneering a new model for therapy. and it's all based on your dreams. brittany morehouse sat down with the lead researcher who says there is a lot to be learned from those dreams. >> everybody dreams. we never quit thinking. our mind is working all of the time. >> reporter: in the shuffle of everyday life, stuff gets lost. maybe they shouldn't i believe dreams tell us things. >> reporter: in ireland, mary discovered the power of working with dreams in therapy. she compares that to therapy in the united states. >> instead of taking pills like prozac. >> there is very little research on dream work and therapy. >> reporter: not anymore. this woman dead indicates her research to dream therapy writing a book and working clinically. >> what we're finding is when people work with a dream, that
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is more satisfactory when working with a therapy. they get more out of it. they feel like they've gotten something. >> it's almost like therapy is a very long stairwell to get to know yourself. you can't ignore the subconscious, says dr. hill. if you want some elevated awareness. >> therapists say i don't understand dreams so ignore them. but if you ignored any major thing that was going on in a person's life, that would be bad. so if you've had a recent horrible event, the therapist wants to hear about it. if you have had a horrible dream, the therapist should hear about it. >> reporter: you can also self reflect. >> which is why those dream dictionaries in the book store don't look. it's really totally what it means to you. >> reporter: and whatever it is, it means a lot to her. >> you dream something for a reason. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> and dr. hill and colleagues are working with regular folks in the clinic and for more information about that work, log
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on to click on the story titled dream therapy. in tonight's health alert, the government is telling pediatricians to stop using at least for now one of two vaccines approved against row tow virus. -- rotovirus. they were found to be contaminated with tiny bits of a pig virus. the fda says the virus is benign and isn't known to make people or animals sick. doctors are being advised to use a different one instead. have you ever heard about the five second rule? a piece of food that you're holding maybe falls, hits the countertop and as long as you pick it up within five seconds, it's okay. well, scientists at san diego state university say hold on, folks. germs can attach themselves to food this quickly and during their test the food actually picked up the most germ from the countertop compared to the floor or even the kitchen sink. what is more, they did a survey
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and found 65% of us do use the five second rule. here is a secret. in my house we use it too as long as the food in question can be rinsed off before you eat it. derek. >> all right. thanks, anita. caught on tape tonight in atlanta, a driver plows into a pedestrian right in front of the cops. now, this is a dash-cam video from the officer's patrol car and you can see the victim walk across the street and a split second later here comes an suv, ouch, right around the corner and hits them. at first the driver pulls over and then takes off before the ambulance gets there. thankfully that victim is expected to survive. in colorado a state trooper found himself in the back of a patrol car. police arrested him this morning suspicious of drunking driver. they reported a state patrol car being driven erratically. he now faces dui charges. an all new david letterman is on right after 9news now.
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here is a quick preview. >> history was made, congress actually worked on a sunday. [ laughing ] >> yes. and number eight, for those watching in high definition. >> oh. >> oh, man. >> that made you want to watch the rest of it. >> that's our plan. >> that's why we did it. by the way tonight, actor greg kaneer. an all new dave. >> that's right. wow. lots of rain falling. >> even my girls like michael bublay. >> he's got a great voice. >> 65 today despite the showers and thunderstorms. we'll have a little temperature correction tomorrow. temperatures will go back into upper 50s. the next three days we'll keep a chance of a shower in tomorrow. they'll be few and far between. they'll be cooler. and then we spring back into the mid 60s on wednesday and the mid 60s on thursday. a few clouds come in late but it remains dry. tonight partly cloudy. we'll hang on to the slight
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chance of a shower. winds out of the southwest at about ten. now, tomorrow morning it looks like it could actually be a dry commute. mostly cloudy and cooler. a slight chance of a shower. 40s and 50s. wind southwesterly at ten. and then by afternoon, winds pick up. you'll see a mix of sun and clouds. windy and cooler but a shower still possible. a better chance in the afternoon. highs in the upper 50s and winds west, northwest aet 10-20 and -- northwest at 10-20 and gusty at times. some areas might touch 60. we'll have a little bit of a downsloping wind tomorrow. so 59 downtown. out to the west and north, upper 50s. even at leesburg and sterling will be 57. but with the breeze, it will make it feel a little cooler. now, tomorrow morning we see clouds across parts of the metro area. but notice no green blobs. no showers. now, a couple showers kind of roll through as we get through lunch time. one north of us, one south of us
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down towards saint mary is county and then during the day we have a few showers in the afternoon but not as widespread and not as heavy as some of the showers and thunderstorms that we had today. and then finally we begin to clear out by this time tomorrow night. now we'll set the stage for a very nice wednesday and a very nice thursday. all right. satellite picture, radar combined. here is the storm. by the way, this storm produced snow in dallas on subbed. it produced -- sunday. it produced snow today in northern alabama. we just had thunderstorms which are mostly to the north of us. look at the moisture streaming up. notice to the south not much coming our way any time soon. best chance of a shower will, in fact, be tomorrow afternoon. zone forecast all six zones still on our website. we're looking at 40s in cumberland and oakland. you can see a wet snowflake tomorrow. upper 50s in manassas and warrenton. upper 50s-60s downtown. we're looking at 50s along the bay. with the winds, small craft advisory through tomorrow. next seven days, upper 50s on
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tuesday. very nice wednesday and thursday. kind of sandwiched in between the showers. kind of a cold rain on friday. temps will struggle to get oit of the 40s. -- out of the 40s. we rebound back into the 50s on saturday and sunday and then monday is another cold rain. temperatures will struggle to get out of the 40s again. and as derek knows and pointed out, march likes to debate and switch on us and that's what it's done. >> yes, it has. there is no joy in mudville, otherwise known as college park. >> there is going to be but just on the wrong end of the thrilling highlight, i guess. they out to be headed to -- ought to be headed to st. louis but instead they're back home packing their lockers. plus in you're going to fight in the nhl, be manly about it, please. 9 sports shows you that regrettable thing.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> everybody loves a buzzer beater in the ncaa tournament, except the ones on the other end of the court. the other guys dance around and that was maryland's roll yesterday. disbelief would be the word as the terps watched maryland go to the off season. doubly painful after the terps battle back the lead after trailing in the second half. today an emotional gary williams heaping praise on his young men. >> they had a great year and what they did as seniors will carry over the rest of their lives. i don't worry about our three seniors this year. i've watched them from being 18 years teenagers to 22-year-old men and they're ready. >> voice breaking a little bit
11:26 pm
there. second hokies and tech is up one. so yukon final possession for the win. gavin edwards misses the bunny. hokies survive. 65-63. they meet rhode island wednesday. the march madness was even shorter for georgetown. one and done against ohio on the very first day of the tournament but the hilltopers still are part of the dance, the women's dance anyway. lady hoyas second round tonight. not exactly a great star. bailer opening the game on a 12-0 run. they can't score. that is brittany griener. remember, she is the girl that punched out the other girl a couple weeks ago. then hayden has eight right now. hoyas down 14 in the second half. spring baseball today, nats hosting the mets down vierra way. that's ryan zimmerman gone, that
11:27 pm
is josh willingham gone, that's ryan zimmerman gone. allen haines wornt didn't like the old -- haynesworth didn't like the old coaching staff. albert seems to be just as bitter and discontented as he was a year ago. today he dispresses his displeasure with shanahan's new defense saying he won't be a good nose tackle. it makes you wonder how much more than a hundred million dollars he would need to be happy. skins were trying to find free agent tackle barry simms. he visited the park on friday but he's taking a pack. he resigns with his old team the 9ers. finally this is from the peng wins and range -- peng wins and rangers -- peng wins and
11:28 pm
rangers. watch avery. he mocks him. he says don't slap me. if you're going to come at me, bring it correct. there is a protocol. >> that's funny. >> in the nhl if you're going to be fight. be manly. >> that's something you'll never live down. >> we'll be right back. if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker.
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using the compare & save, i know that i'm getting a good price, and that works for me. more savings, every time you shop, only at giant. that's 9news for tonight. don't forget we're always on >> letterman is up next. have a good one, fol today, we know it's small
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